Demi Lovato? Já peguei (◕‿◕✿)
Bazinga ϟ

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owwnt obrigada a todos, que me fizeram chegar a 7 M de followers deliciosos, obrigada por me aguentarem 

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"I met Demi when she was ten years old at a local showcase in Dallas. The vocal coach Linda Septien performed these great showcases of music to their students and several of them were made while I was playing with other artists. I made friends with Demi and her family and so I used to go to his house and play music. She was always very talented, and I was lucky that when she was invited to the opening of the first tour of the Jonas Brothers in 2008, she called me and offered me the position of guitarist. Within 36 hours, I left my job, I took a flight to Los Angeles and I’ve been with her ever since. It was a total whirlwind." Mike Manning

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"Eu engoli seco. Eu respirei fundo 10, 20, 30 vezes mais ou menos. Eu pensei, repensei, tri-pensei. Eu vi que não valia a pena. Eu vi que ele não valia a pena."

Confissões de uma bêbada.  (via alentador)

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"Às vezes acho que no meu coração tem uma plaquinha escrita: entre, quebre tudo, e saia sem dizer adeus."

Tati Bernardi.  (via alentador)

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"Tudo que faz bem pra gente, a gente tem medo"

Cazuza.      (via florestares)

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- Heart Attack:
Something you're afraid of.
- Without The Love:
Someone you lost.
- Two Worlds Collide:
Your best friend.
- I Hate You, Don't Leave Me:
An insecurity.
- Warrior:
Something you've overcome.
- La La Land:
Would you ever change in order to be successful?
- Get Back:
Your first crush.
- Don't Forget:
Your first heartbreak.
- Unbroken:
Something you think has made you "damaged".
- Behind Enemy Lines:
Ever been betrayed?
- Solo:
Something you'd rather do by yourself.
- Give Your Heart A Break:
Something you're afraid of.
- Catch Me:
A night you never wanted to end.
- Fix A Heart:
Your worst injury.
- Lightweight:
Something that makes you emotional easily.
- You're My Only Shorty:
Ever been cheated on?
- Here We Go Again:
Name a vice.
- Until You're Mine:
Your greatest desire in life.
- Skyscraper:
The biggest challenge you've faced in your life.
- In Case:
Who's someone you would wait forever for?
- Really Don't Care:
Someone you hate.
- For The Love of A Daughter:
Do you have a good relationship with your dad?
- Trainwreck:
Are you attracted to danger?
- Party:
Crazy party story. Go.
- Believe In Me:
Name something you love about yourself.
- U Got Nothing On Me:
Name the biggest surprise you've gotten in your life.
- Falling Over Me:
Do you believe in soulmates?
- Quiet:
Talk about an embarrassing moment.
- Stop The World:
Would you ever hide a relationship?
- Gift of A Friend:
Would you rather have a couple of really close friends or a lot of less intimate, but still good friends?
- Shut Up and Love Me:
What's something that you did or happened that immediately changed your life?
- This Is Me:
Give a brief 'about me'.
- Who's That Boy:
Do you believe in love at first sight?
- Together:
What's something you would change about the world if you could?
- Hold Up:
What's the worst thing someone could do in a relationship?
- In Real Life:
Describe your ideal significant other.
- Mistake:
Would you go back and change your biggest mistake if given the chance?
- Neon Lights:
Talk about the best night you've ever had.
- Nightingale:
Has anyone close to you died?
- Something That We're Not:
Talk about someone you know who's too clingy.
- Shouldn't Come Back:
Who's someone you would be fine with never speaking to or seeing again?

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Procure alguém que também te procure.

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